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Tasting portions, 4 Dishes equals one main

Bread and olive Service 1,95€/pp on arrival

Toast Skagen á la Thore Wretman € 9.95
hand peeled shrimps, mayonnaise, horse radish, red onion, vendace roe and dill, served with toast 
Drink suggestions: white wine: Gobbelsburger 7,25€ Beer: Guldenberg 6.50€

Ceviche 6.95€

Lime marinated fresh Dorada with papaya, cucumber, coriander, chili and Guacamole

Drink suggestion: white wine: Gran vinum, Albariño 5,50€ Beer: Guldenberg 7.50€

Wine poached salmon 6.95€

Cold wine poached salmon with cauliflower puree, dill, pickled cucumber, red onion and browned butter

Drink suggestion: white wine: paisaje de las Islas 7,25€ Beer: Balladin Wyhan 25cl 8.50€
Mushroom Croquettes 6.95€

Deep Fried croquettes with porcini & champignon mushrooms, Mayonnaise and browned butter
Drink suggestions:  Red Wine: Tarima Monastrell 5.00€ Beer: Leffe Bruin 4.00€
Tomato & Aubergine confit 6.95€
Baked Tomato & Auberine in layers with herbs and garlic oil.

Drink suggestions: Red wine: Grand clos de oms, Merlot, 7,25€ Beer: Dupont Saison 7.50€

Chevré chaud 6.95€

chévre served on crispy toast topped with roasted pear and roasted pine nuts
Drink Sugestions: Red: Juan Gil 6.75€, white: Saaret El Hierro Semi seco 6,75€
Beer: Viva Morena 3.50€
Baked Beet root 6.95€

Owen baked Beet roots, chevre, browned butter and roasted almonds.
Drink suggestions: Red: Sierra cantabria seleccion  5,00€
Beer: Isaac 7.50€

Texas Beef chili 6.95€

Texas beef chili from entrecote, Bacon, aged English cheddar cheese, our own guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream and deep fried tortillas
Drink suggestions: Red wine: Higuera Mayor 2014.  8,25€
Beer: Willy Sutton Pale Ale 6.50€
Beef Carpaccio 9.95€

Thin sliced fresh filet steak, local cheese cream, celery, sourdouh crisp. 
Drink suggestions: white wine: Tierra 6,00€, red wine: Hombros,  8.75€
Beer: Gulden Draak 6.50€

Middle size dishes, 2 equals one main

Tunafish Nicoise 14,95€
Fried tunafish fillet,lettuce, low temped tomato, creamy egg.
drink suggestion: white wine :  Huno 7,25€ Beer: Guldenberg 7.50€

“Skare” Rib eye Steak 14,95€
High quality Rib Eye from Skare in Denmark, Black pepper butter, tomato salad and deep fried potato confit
drink suggestions: red wine: Volver 7,25€ Beer: Viva Trigo 3.90€


Baked Canarian Black pig 14.95€

Grilled and baked pork from the local Canarian pig served with Jerusalem artichoke purée, salad and pata negra broth
Drink suggestions: white wine: Tierra 6,00€, red wine: Hombros,  8.75€
Beer: Gulden Draak 6.50€

Tomato & Aubergine confit 12.95€

Baked Tomato & Auberine in layers with herbs and garlic oil.
Drink suggestions: Red wine: Grand clos de oms, Merlot, 7,25€ Beer: Dupont Saison 7.50€

Desserts €6,95

Sorbet of the season
Fresh homemade sorbet
Drink suggestions: Isla dulce, Malvasía  5.00€
Chocolate “rocky Road”

Chocolate brownie, chocolate cream, fudge, vanilla parfait and salted peanuts
Drink suggestions: Niepoort Tawny Port 5.50€ Beer: Brewdog black hart 6.50€


Bailey´s Tiramisu
Saovardi (lady fingers), Mascarpone, Bayley´s gel, chocolate, coffee
Drink suggestions: Sauternes, Chateau du mont 7.00€


Local cheese
Goat cheese from Canarias served with a homemade tomato marmalade

Drink suggestions: Higueara mayor Vendinia -13.  6.50€ Beer: Gulden Draak 6.50€

Coffée drinks €5,95

Irish Coffée
John Jameson irish whiskey, brown sugar, coffee, topped with lightly whipped cream


Canarian Coffée
Ron Miel from Gran Canaria, coffee, topped with lightly whipped cream


Spanish Coffée
Liquor 43, coffee, topped with lightly whipped cream


Coffée Bailey’s
Bayley’s, coffee, topped with lightly whipped cream

Coffée Amaretto

Amaretto, coffee, topped with lightly whipped cream
Coffée Calypso
Tia-Maria, coffee, topped with lightly whipped cream
Frappe Martini (Cold)

Tia-Maria, Vodka, Espresso


Taste Mesón Arguineguin
Taste Mesón Arguineguin
Taste Mesón Arguineguin